Spring Fever and Flannel Shirts


I’ve got spring fever and I am way too excited that I can finally pull out my Converse All Stars and light flannel shirts this season.


There’s something about that crisp morning feel and the fresh dewy air when Spring finally rolls around. It’s obviously saying- time to get outside, take the dog for a walk, and roll up the cuffs of your jeans to reveal your unshaved legs recently shaved legs.

Because of the extra pep in my step, I wanted to wear a cheeky slogan top today that matched my ‘tude. This “Forehead Kisses Are Underrated” tee is from the lifestyle brand, good hYOUman, and they collaborate with charities; which means some of the proceeds also go to a good cause. My dog, Wager, seems to like my shirt… although, I’m not sure he’s crazy about forehead kisses.

Anyway, happy spring to everyone! Hope your day is as sunny as mine!

Much Love,



  • holy, these are gorgeous! your smile is contagious x

    • Shanelle

      Aweh, darling you’re so sweet! I’m glad it’s contagious! I want to make other people smile!

  • Lovely post and the last wallpaper is super cute. I love bees